What is Hysteresis loop: Definition and 20 Discussions

Hysteresis is the dependence of the state of a system on its history. For example, a magnet may have more than one possible magnetic moment in a given magnetic field, depending on how the field changed in the past. Plots of a single component of the moment often form a loop or hysteresis curve, where there are different values of one variable depending on the direction of change of another variable. This history dependence is the basis of memory in a hard disk drive and the remanence that retains a record of the Earth's magnetic field magnitude in the past. Hysteresis occurs in ferromagnetic and ferroelectric materials, as well as in the deformation of rubber bands and shape-memory alloys and many other natural phenomena. In natural systems it is often associated with irreversible thermodynamic change such as phase transitions and with internal friction; and dissipation is a common side effect.
Hysteresis can be found in physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, and economics. It is incorporated in many artificial systems: for example, in thermostats and Schmitt triggers, it prevents unwanted frequent switching.
Hysteresis can be a dynamic lag between an input and an output that disappears if the input is varied more slowly; this is known as rate-dependent hysteresis. However, phenomena such as the magnetic hysteresis loops are mainly rate-independent, which makes a durable memory possible.
Systems with hysteresis are nonlinear, and can be mathematically challenging to model. Some hysteretic models, such as the Preisach model (originally applied to ferromagnetism) and the Bouc–Wen model, attempt to capture general features of hysteresis; and there are also phenomenological models for particular phenomena such as the Jiles–Atherton model for ferromagnetism.

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  1. R

    Orientation of the Ferroelectric Hysteresis Loop -- Why is it different now?

    (Edited with suggestions from Berkeman) After reading the original 1930 paper by Sawyer and Tower (link to original paper here), I noticed that their hysteresis loops are mirrored around the y-axis from many of the ferroelectric hysteresis loops reported today ( see FE examples here, here...
  2. F

    I Why is hysteresis loss proportional to area hysteresis loop ?

    Why does hysteresis loss cause heat and why the heat proportional the area of hysteresis loop?
  3. O

    Defining a BH loop in Ansys Maxwell?

    Does anyone have an idea how to insert a BH loop like the one I have attached in Ansys Maxwell and not get an error like in the other picture which is also attached? I have seen it multiple times in different texts but can't define one myself without getting this annoying error. Also the...
  4. O

    How to define a hysteresis loop in ANSYS MAXWELL?

    I am trying to simulate an electric motor in ansys maxwell software, but I can't define the whole loop in four quadrants for the material used in the rotor however it is essential to do this since the motor is of hysteresis type and works on the principle of working point moving all around the...
  5. M

    Interpretation of a memristor's hysterisis loop

    Hi forums, Following is the hysteresis loop of a standard memristor: Please note that, the red one is for lowest frequency and black for highest frequency. From the graph, one can take the following observations: 1> As frequency increases, area of graph decreases 2> With increase in frequency...
  6. G

    Hysteresis loop magnetization of Gadolinium

    hello i have a few questions regarding hysteresis loop in ferromagnets as showen here . i had an experiment in which i took a piece of gadolinium and cooled it down using liquid nitrogen , than i put it in an apparatus as showen here , so i induct an oscillating magnetic field on it , forcing...
  7. C

    Remnant Magnetisation varying with input amplitude

    In a lab we had to measure the remnant magnetisation of a hysteresis loop with a permalloy core. The amplitude of the input sinusoidal wave was varied and the resulting remnant magnetisation measured. This was then plotted resulting in the remnant magnetisation varying sinusoidal with the input...
  8. F

    Stoner-Wohlfarth model, remanent magnetization

    Homework Statement " Plot remanent magnetization versus the sample angle for the sample. Derive an equation for the remanent magnetization using the definition of a hysteresis loop and Stoner-Wohlfarth model. " ##H## magnetic field ##K_u## anisotropy constant ##M_s## saturation magnetization...
  9. Mayan Fung

    I Flux pinning effect and hysteresis loop

    I am taking an experimental course which requires us to conduct experiments by ourselves. One of the tasks is to demonstrate the flux pinning effect of a type II superconductor YBCO by magnetic levitation. The professor asked me to discuss the effect by using the hysteresis loop (magnetization...
  10. M

    Polarization-electric field hysteresis loop of a piezoelectric film.

    Hello, I have piezoelectric film. I want to characterize ferroectricity. which exact equipment and circuit are used for measuring polarization-electric field hysteresis loop. Thanks
  11. E

    Magnetic hysteresis loop area meaning

    Let's consider the Magnetic hysteresis loop of a certain material: https://www.nde-ed.org/EducationResources/CommunityCollege/MagParticle/Physics/HysteresisLoop.htm is an example. In many sites and books it is written that its area is proportional to the energy wasted as heat, so A = kE_d. In...
  12. P

    How can I import a hysteresis material's loop into Ansoft Maxwell?

    hi my dear friends i face with a problem in ansoft maxwell; i want to import a hysteresis material's loop into maxwell's material s libraray but i cant!:( is there anyone who can help me? with the best wishes:) pedro
  13. D

    A/m Hysteresis Loop: Wide vs Narrow Differences & Importance

    Wide/Narrow Hysteresis loops, what's the difference? When calculating the work done to magnetize a ferromagnetic material, calculating the hysteresis loop is the right way? I know the narrower loop(soft) needs less energy(work) to magnetize or demagnetize it is that true? That's why it's...
  14. V

    MATLAB Simulate Hysteresis Loop in MATLAB | Step-by-Step Tutorial"

    Hi there, Would anyone help me in simulating hysteresis loop in MATLAB? Thank You!
  15. K

    Optimal Hysteresis Loop Shapes for Permanent Magnets and Transformer Cores

    Homework Statement What hysteresis loop shape would you require for a magnetic material to be used in A) a permanent magnet B) transformer core The Attempt at a Solution No idea what this means...but it is for my lab tomorrow so I probably should. Any help would be greatly...
  16. J

    Does Magnetization Decrease Clockwise in a Ferromagnetic Hysteresis Loop?

    For a ferromagnetic material in the hysteresis loop, when increasing field from H=Hc, its magnetization (M) will saturate. But if we decrease field instead, will M decreases clockwise according to the loop? How can we make the ferromagnetic material back into the initial state (H=0, M=0)...
  17. T

    Hysteresis in Hall Probe Calibration Curve

    Hysteresis loop in probe?? Hello guys, I have done the Magneto-optical Kerr effect experiment, studying the hysteresis loop over some pieces of ferro- and ferri-magnetic pieces of metals (CDs and MiniCDs). The problem is the following, we first started by creating the calibration curve...
  18. O

    MATLAB Creating a Hysteresis Loop in MATLAB for Ferromagnets - Tips and Tricks

    Hallo, If I have an hystersis loop (of ferromagnets) in form of scattered points in MATLAB what is the function or tool which i can use in order drew a continues hystersis curve(loop)? Thanks, Omri
  19. O

    Magnetisation in Ferromagnets: Understanding Hysteresis Loop

    Hallo, Does anyone familiar with an equation that describs hysteresis loop and First Magnetisation in ferromagnets? Thanks Omri
  20. S

    Equipment for Hysteresis Loop for Inductor

    What instrument would I need to get a hysteresis loop (Flux Density vs Magnetizing Force) for an inductor? Is it something that can be easily obtained given the proper equipment? Thanks! -Shad