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A good intro DSP book?

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    Hey all,

    I'm looking for a good intro book to DSP at an upper undergrad level for electrical and computer engineers. I've glanced through a few books and they look very math intensive. This is not a problem for me. However, since this would mainly be an introduction, I would not like to get caught up the mathematical derivations and proofs.

    So the ideal book would be have the math, but not overwhelm me, the student, so that I miss the points of the concepts.

    I'm about to take my signals and systems course this coming semester, if that helps in your book recommendation. According to the course description, it will be augmented by 3-4 weeks of introduction to DSP. I hope to take a DSP course as a technical elective if that 3-4 weeks seems enjoyable.

    So far someone has told me about DSP First: A Multimedia Approach. But I'm curious to hear what you guys recommend.

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    even better here is a ebook free you can copy http://www.dspguide.com/
    can you answer me a question in return how do i post a thread so i can ask questions
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    i've reviewed a few DSP books for the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society. ones that got a favorable review from me (and are not specifically about audio) are:

    Rick Lyons: Understanding Digital Signal Processing
    Grover & Deller: Digital Signal Processing and the Microcontroller http://www.redcedar.com/revaes.htm
    Orfanidis: Introduction to Signal Processing http://www.ece.rutgers.edu/~orfanidi/intro2sp/

    but I still must recommend the classic "Oppenheim & Schafer" (now with "Buck" added to the author list), Discrete-Time Signal Processing. that is still the best reference "bible" when rigor of concept is needed. but their definition of "Nyquist frequency" is wrong.

    also, if i were you, i would check out the USENET group: comp.dsp . it is still the newsgroup with the highest S/N in all of USENET.
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    ooh! A free book. Thanks.

    I will check out those book recommendations from the school's library. I dropped by comp.dsp, and saw that you are a very active poster there and in a host of other newsgroups, r b-j. I'm looking forward to this "systems and signals" course. It should be fun with the applied math and all. I'll probably drop by with some questions later on.
    Thanks again.
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