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A-level cousework question

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    A-level cousework question
    Can anyone help me on my practial investigation(I can do wat ever i want on physics for 2 weeks|+write up afterwards)? i really dunno wat to do, i am thinking of doing something on circuit as u wont make much mistake~any other bright ideas or wat should investigate on circuit?????(e.g. capacitance)\
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    What do you already know about circuitry? Investigating capacitance, if you want to do theoretical work, involves solving a differential equation. But if you're just doing experimental stuff, it's probably a neat thing to study; by just using a bit of intuition involving opposing voltages, you can decide what the equation of current vs. time should look approximately like, and then use some experimental data to choose an equation that looks right. So it definitely depends on what you're expected to do for this project.
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