What is Aquarium: Definition and 35 Discussions

An aquarium (plural: aquariums or aquaria) is a vivarium of any size having at least one transparent side in which aquatic plants or animals are kept and displayed. Fishkeepers use aquaria to keep fish, invertebrates, amphibians, aquatic reptiles, such as turtles, and aquatic plants. The term "aquarium", coined by English naturalist Philip Henry Gosse, combines the Latin root aqua, meaning water, with the suffix -arium, meaning "a place for relating to".The aquarium principle was fully developed in 1850 by the chemist Robert Warington, who explained that plants added to water in a container would give off enough oxygen to support animals, so long as the numbers of animals did not grow too large. The aquarium craze was launched in early Victorian England by Gosse, who created and stocked the first public aquarium at the London Zoo in 1853, and published the first manual, The Aquarium: An Unveiling of the Wonders of the Deep Sea in 1854. Small aquariums are kept in the home by hobbyists. There are large public aquariums in many cities. Public aquariums keep fish and other aquatic animals in large tanks. A large aquarium may have otters, turtles, dolphins, sharks, and whales. Most aquarium tanks also have plants.An aquarist owns fish or maintains an aquarium, typically constructed of glass or high-strength acrylic. Cuboid aquaria are also known as fish tanks or simply tanks, while bowl-shaped aquaria are also known as fish bowls. Size can range from a small glass bowl, a few liters in volume, to immense public aquaria of thousands of liters. Specialized equipment maintains appropriate water quality and other characteristics suitable for the aquarium's residents.

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  1. C

    Saltwater fish in Freshwater diluted with salt

    Suppose I dilute a freshwater tank with an appropriate amount of salt, will saltwater fish be able to live in it? if not, then why?
  2. A

    A Calculating the heat loss of an open water tank (aquarium)

    Hi, I have been calculating a series of hypothesis for some aquariums/tanks situations, using heat transfer equations (conduction, convection, radiation, evaporation) Typically we have aquariums that run at higher temperatures than the surroundings in winter and lower temperature than the...
  3. Fishworks

    Can Seiryu Stone Affect Water Parameters in Aquariums?

    Hey Everyone, I just setup an aquarium with plants, and I am planning to add fish but I have some concerns. I want to have stable water parameters to minimize stress on the fishes. The potential issue here is that I used a stone called Seiryu stone. Seiryu stone contains Calcium Carbonate...
  4. Vutum

    Wood/Glass/Metal 3-in-1 DIY Aquarium Stand Feasibility Analysis

    Please help me to find out if this is a feasible project. If not, what changes shall be made to make it sustainable for a long time without changing the layout? 1. Details of the stand: L 36", W 18", H 30" 2. Details of Aquarium 1: L 36", W 18", H 18", weight: 225kg 3. Details of Aquarium 2 and...
  5. B

    Simulate the temperature inside an aquarium tank

    there's a website to size an aquarium heater or chiller. This is just for learning purposes (not for fish) but I have modified these parameters from default to perform a load calculation on a 100 gallon glass tank... For the tank temperature range I set to be between 150-160 degree F. and a...
  6. M

    Thickness of normal and tempered glass for aquarium

    Summary: Calculations of glass thickness for aquarium 140cm (length), 55cm (width) and 80cm (height). Scenarios for normal glass and tempered glass. Hi everyone ! I want to ask you for help to calculate how thick (minimum version and save version) should be a glass for aquarium with sizes...
  7. prashantakerkar

    Aquarium fish tank: Glass material alternatives

    Can there be alternative materials for Aquarium fish tank instead of glass? Example : Stainless steel, Aluminium Plastic, Concrete etc If yes, which materials can be evaluated?
  8. Daniel Engebretsen

    Glass fibre Aquarium pool minimum thickness?

    Hello, I am working on a Project and it has been a while since i did calculations With mechanics. The pool would be made in glassfibre with polyester and will be: L=2000mm W= 1750mm h= 400mm we use the E-module for glass, so we use E= 70 000 N/mm2 I= bh3/12 = 2000mm x 4003 mm /12 = 1,067 x...
  9. C

    Aquarium on a train during braking

    Homework Statement On a train, there is a passenger who has an aquarium, filled with water. The aquarium's size: 40cm x 25cm x 25cm, and is filled with water up to the height of 20cm (5 cm remaining) What is the maximal deceleration of the train, such as the entire volume of water will remain...
  10. J

    How to calculate pressure in a bottomless aquarium

    How do I calculate glass thickness on a bottomless aquarium where air pressure is holding the water up. Example: 18"x18" by 36"' high closed top. 6" of the aquarium is submerged in a pond. Thanks.
  11. Destroxia

    Pressure on the wall of aquarium

    Homework Statement A large aquarium of height 5.00 m is filled with fresh water to a depth of 2.00 m. One wall of the aquarium consists of thick plastic 8.00 m wide. By how much does the total force on that wall increase if the aquarium is next filled to a depth of 4.00m?Homework Equations...
  12. B

    Construction DIY Aquarium Tank Rack Shelving Stand

    G'day Forum Members, I'm new to the forum I hope to get some great advice here for my projects! I have a slow progress DIY tank rack project going on: short story I bought a cheap steel shelving system which won't cut it for the project, so I'm going to build a timber setup which will be a...
  13. thankz

    Is My Dream Aquarium the Ultimate Freshwater Biotope Setup?

    a custom Lexan tank 50"x50"x25", about 500 gallons, lexan 2" send and return pvc style piping going into a fish room. the pergo floor (white oak) will be able to be pulled up to inspect the piping. the fish room will have a medical tank. a breeding tank, a quarantine tank, a plant growing tank...
  14. A

    The smallest angle flashlight beam can make with horizontal

    Homework Statement At the aquarium where you work, a fish has gone missing in a 10.5m -deep, 9.45m -diameter cylindrical tank. You shine a flashlight in from the top edge of the tank, hoping to see if the missing fish is on the bottom. What’s the smallest angle your flashlight beam can make...
  15. F

    Where is the image formed when a lens is placed next to an aquarium?

    Homework Statement There is a small shiny object in a big aquarium, which is formed like a cuboid and filled with water. The plan site of a plano-convex lens with a focal length f is put on the wall of the aquarium from outside. The object is located on the optical axis of the lens. The...
  16. MarkFL

    MHB Mathematical Modeling Problem for 500-gal Aquarium Impurities

    Here is the question: I have posted a link there to this thread so the OP can view my work.
  17. J

    Find the hydrostatic pressure on the bottom of the aquarium in lb/ft^2

    Homework Statement An aquarium 5 ft long, 1 ft wide, and 5 ft deep is full of water. (Recall that the weight density of water is 62.5 lb/ft3.) (a)Find the hydrostatic pressure on the bottom of the aquarium in lb/ft^2 Homework Equations hydrostatic pressure = ρgd = δd ρ = 62.5...
  18. K

    Open bottom aquarium glass question

    Hello All, I am new to this forum and would like to introduce my self as well as having question that has been in my mind for a while now. Please call me Kamto :o) I am not physicist so please forgive me if I am not knowing much about physics. Ok here is my question: I am planing of making an...
  19. S

    How can I design an efficient air ring main system for an aquarium?

    Hi there I don't know if this is the correct forum to be posting in, but I am sure that with all the expert physics gurus on here, someone can help me with this basic project. I am trying to build an air ring main system for an aquarium. I previously had the system setup as follows...
  20. N

    Engineering Careers at Aquariums

    What kind of engineer would be able to have a career at an aquarium?
  21. D

    Stars with 6 legs in seawater aquarium

    Recently I visited a sea water aquarium with tropical fish anemona, corals. At the glas walls I observed little (about 1 cm diameter) white stars with 6 legs. Now starfish have 5 legs, as far as I know. Any idea what this could have been?
  22. F

    Nitrate and pH in a Fishlessly-cycled Aquarium

    Homework Statement Prior to introducing livestock, a fishkeeper may establish colonies of nitrosifying and nitrifying bacteria by repeatedly inoculating an aquarium with a solution of ammonia (to simulate the presence of fish). At the end of the process there is a high concentration of...
  23. D

    Calculating Force Needed to Topple Over 900 lb Aquarium

    Sorry folks been centuries since I was in physics class but hoping you can help me. Also hope I have the right forum? I am an aquarist (aquarium hobbyist). Someone I know is placing a large 48"l x 12.5"d x 18"h aquarium on a piece of furniture. It will be filled to within 1.5" of the top. It...
  24. R

    Optical Revamping DIY Aquarium Lighting: Maximizing Efficiency and Functionality

    NOOB here. I am trying to redo my diy aquarium lighting. Currently I use 4x100 white led xmas lights. And they light great. Problem is, they are multi "8" function lights, I have them on timers, and when they come on, they default to one of the flashing functions, and I have to go at...
  25. G

    Lense with two mediums speed of a fish in an aquarium

    Homework Statement A goldfish is swimming at 4.40 cm/s toward the front wall of a rectangular aquarium. What is the apparent speed of the fish as measured by an observer looking in from outside the front wall of the tank? The index of refraction of water is 1.333. Homework Equations p =...
  26. B

    Aquarium Pressure Problem Solution Explanation

    Homework Statement An aquarium tank is 100 cm long, 35 cm wide, and 40 cm deep. It is filled to the top a)What is the force of the water on the bottom (100 cm x 35 cm) of the tank? b) What is the force of the water on the front window (100 cm x 40 cm) of the tank? Homework...
  27. H

    Calculating Compression of Aquarium Support Posts

    Homework Statement A large 3.00×10^4 L aquarium is supported by four wood posts (Douglas fir) at the corners. Each post has a square 3.80 cm x 3.80 cm cross section and is 80.0 cm tall. By how much is each post compressed by the weight of the aquarium? Homework Equations deltaL =...
  28. Mk

    Can I use a terrarium as an aquarium?

    I have a glass terrarium, and I have a project where I need an aquarium. I'm going to be filling it full with water and oil. Can I reliably use my terrarium for this application? It will need to last months to years and I kind of don't want it to leak or break everywhere :)
  29. R

    Fish in Aquarium: Environmental Awareness and Perception

    Do fish care about what the environment outside the tank they are in looks and sounds like? Do they know they are in a tank?
  30. J

    Total Force on 8.00m Wide Aquarium Wall Increase

    A large aquarium of height 5.00m is filled with fresh water to a depth of 2.00m. One wall of the aquarium consists of thick plastic of 8.00m wide. By how much does the total force on that wall increase if the aquarium is next filled to a depth of 4.00m.
  31. J

    Aquarium Calculus: Calculating Water Changes

    How to devise a usefull formula for aquarium water changes. I have a 50g tank (not including substrate and animals). I want to do daily water changes so that at the end of 6 months I will have replaced 95% of the water present at the beginning of the water change regimen. I want to replace...
  32. Math Is Hard

    Mystery of the Penguin Blowhole: What I Saw at the Aquarium

    I saw penguins swimming at an aquarium yesterday. They swam deep underwater and they had streams of bubbles escaping from a spot on their backs. My mom thinks that penguins have some sort of a blowhole, but I've never heard of this. What was that?:confused:
  33. J

    Thermodynamics - Weighing an aquarium

    Hey.. had a problem which am tryin to solve... During an ecology experiment, an aquarium half filled with water is placed on a scale. The scale reads 195N. a) a rock weighing 8N is added to the aquarium. If the rock sinks to the bottom of the aquarium, what will the scale read? b) The...
  34. T

    Salt Water Aquarium Plant Experience: Tips and Tricks

    Does anyone have aquarium? I just bought 120L tank with all the equipment for 200$. I want to have only plants in my tank. Do you guys have any experience with keeping plants in aquariums?