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Homework Help: Atwood's Machine Lab Help (proportional error)

  1. Sep 17, 2014 #1
    I have attached the lab

    right now I am stuck on proportional error in multiple variables

    I wanna take the lab step by step so i can learn how to do calculate all the variables from now on.

    I have lab partners during the lab but I am completely clueless when I am working on it on my own.

    Can someone just explain the formula needed to get the proportional error please?
    I know I need 1 gram as uncertainty.

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    Simon Bridge

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    For independent measurements ##x\pm\sigma_x## and ##y\pm\sigma_y##, the proportional errors are given by:$$p_x=\frac{\sigma_x}{x}, p_y=\frac{\sigma_y}{y}\\
    z=xy\implies p^2_z=p_x^2+p_y^2$$
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