I Block Diagram manipulation

Hello I hope someone can help me, as i am kinda stuck for the moment.
As you can see, the assignment states that I need to find the poles from the closed loop transfer function.

I plan on doing so, by using block diagram reduction method.



This is as fare as i've come, and can't come further, even though I am pretty sure that it is possible. The summation point confuses me, how do I remove it? I could remove the feedback loop, but the summation point would still be there, or am I wrong?

Any help would be nice.


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There is a section here specially for EE. It may be better to post it there.
Is that so? Maybe Someone Can Move the post then?

And Sorry for the trouble


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No problem, I told a mentor, he should be having a look at it soon.
Bump - No help? :S

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