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Book on nuclear physics

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    Hello everyone,
    I need a book on nuclear physics. One that covers approximately same material as "Concepts of nuclear physics, Bernard L Cohen" but is a little more rigorous in its approach. My background in Quantum mechanics is limited to "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by Griffith".
    It would be a great if you guys can suggest some texts according to my needs.
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    I am unfamiliar with Cohen so I cannot comment on a comparison of rigor, but a standard undergrad nuclear physics book is by Krane - "Introductory Nuclear Physics." It is written fpr the upper level undergrad audience. I don't know how much rigor you are going to be able to handle with only an undergrad QM level, but you might also check out the Dover book by Blatt and Weisskopf - "Theorectical Nuclear Physics." It is out of print, but should be available at most university libraries.

    When I was a student looking for supplemental books and now whenever I need to delve into an area of physics I may not be as comfortable in, I have a look at John Baez's http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/physics/Administrivia/booklist.html" [Broken]. He typically lists the standard texts in most fields.
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    Thanks, I got the Krane's book and it suits well.
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