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I Calculation of peak acoustic intensity (in water)

  1. Apr 8, 2016 #1
    If we know the max. pressure (p) is 2.5 MPa and T = 20 C.

    Peak intensity, I = p^2 / rho * c

    where rho = density of water: 0.9982E03 kg/m^3 and c = speed of sound in water: 1482.3 m/s at 20 C

    I = (2.5E06 [Pa])^2 / 1.4796E06 [kg/m^2/s] = 4.2241E06 W/m^2

    Is this correct?
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  3. Apr 8, 2016 #2
    Using the numbers you have specified, the correct substitution would be:

    I = p^2 / rho * c
    I = ((2.5 x 10^6)^2) / ((0.9982 x 10^3)*1482.3)
    I = (6.25 x 10^12) / 1479631.86
    I = 4224023.67 W/m^2

    However, if you have rounded your final answer then your workings are fine.
    Otherwise, it looks good to me!

    Hope this helps.
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