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Career advice -- What can I do with a master's in theoretical physics and a bachelor of comp. sci?

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    Hi everyone,
    What can I do with a master's in theoretical physics and a bachelor of computer science ? I am in Canada, I had to do a master's before a PhD. I just decided to do something else than physics afterwards. I had the opportunity to do a PhD in computer science, in medical imaging, but I didn't want to become a researcher in this field, and I was worried about my perspectives of employment... I will do an internship, programming GPU's with CUDA, which I'm very excited about. However most of the jobs related to HPC are in the USA. I would go without hesitation working there but since I do not have a PhD i feel that my chances are weak... What do you people think ?
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    One field that is hot right now is Data Science. Your coursework would probably fit well into that space. You might need more statistics and perhaps numerical /machine learning experience.
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    I know that Data science and ML are really trendy theses days. I read this book "Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning" by C. Bishop in a graduate level ML course I took recently. However I do not have any "real-life" experience which is a big drawback ...
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    It's trendy but it's not rocket science, you should be able to pick it up fairly fast. I know some people who have taken Data Science seminars and gotten jobs once they understood the terminology. They already had the math background and computer skills to do it.

    Here's a dated IBM Redbook of Data Mining published in 2007 that is still somewhat relevant at least for the concepts and terminology:


    and at Coursera:

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