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Homework Help: Chemistry- Forming Compounds

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    What does it mean when a question asks to form a compound with a 1:1 ratio?
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    Could you be more specific? I guess that it means two elements are combined, in equal proportions, to make up a compound.
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    The question gives me 2 colomns, 3 substances in each colomn. It says to name the three chemical compounds that can be formed between the elements.

    The elements are:
    Colomn A- Ca, K, Al
    Colomn B- N, O, F

    You don't need to tell me the answers, just tips on how to get it please.
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    Does it specify one from each column, or can you have two from one and one from the other? If it's the latter, then it's a lot easier!

    I can't really give hints, as I don't know what to say. For one, think quicklime.
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    I can use one from the left, then one from the right, kind of like that.
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    combine the elements to a compound then! eg: C for carbon and o2 for oxygen
    combine them and you get Co2 carbon dioxide!
    easy, as long as you know the compounds and their symbols
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    If you are asked to combine the elements in a 1:1 fashion, only elements of equal valences (but opposite in sign) will do that.
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