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Homework Help: Circuit Analysis: Equation Derivation Help

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    I am trying to solve a homework problem. I need some help to get going in the right direction if possible. My equation I am starting with is:

    Vc(t) = 5(1-e^(-t/T))

    and I have to end up with these two equations:
    If T > 1/10f then for a 5 V square wave with a 50% duty cycle, the capacitor voltage is given by

    Vc(t) = 5 - (5 / 1+e^(-1/2*f * T)) * e^(-t/T)


    Vc(t) = (5 / 1+e^(-1/2*f * T)) * e^(-t/T)

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    Frankkk, we can't help you unless you show some effort first. Please read our posting guidelines for homework. Also read the sticky thread at the top of this subforum.
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