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Clipper Clamper book recommendation

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    I'm currently using Electronic devices and circuits by boylestad. My problem is that there aren't much examples about clippers and clampers, and it only uses ideal diodes and there is only one diode per circuit. Is there any book which has a good chapter about those devices. It should contain silicon diodes or gemanium diodes, not just ideal. I'm having trouble with these clipper circuits since my book uses very simple examples using one ideal diode per circuit, while my professor gives up exams with up to two silicon or germanium diodes.
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    One useful activity in studying any subject is to go down to the library and look through the texts on the subject for a particular point. You find out what is in them that way.

    Chapter 10 - pulse handling and time constants in

    A practical introduction to electronic circuits by Martin Hartley Jones is good
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