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Homework Help: Coefficient of kinetic friction of car collision

  1. Nov 22, 2009 #1
    Two cars collide causing them to skid 17m at an angle of 30degrees north east before stopping. One car is 1180kg and the other is 1000kg. The coefficient of kinetic friction for a rubber tire slidin on pavement is 0.80

    How would I determine the 1000kg cars' speed before the collision?

    My attempt:
    Conservation of Momentum
    y= 30degrees

    coefficient friction = Mv
    f = Mmg (m is the mass)
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    Re: Momentum

    First, the conservation of momentum says that P(initial)x=P(final)x and P(initial)y=P(final)y. However, there isn't enough information in this question for you to solve it. Are you sure you're not given the initial velocity of the 1180 kg car?
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