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Disc Brake Design

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    Im working on a rough sketchup for a Mechanical Design Project involving a motorcycle brake. I am working on finding the Contact area of a brake pad on the rotor of a motorcycle.

    I have already found the torque and forces involved to actuate the pads against the rotor. I have included the reference material I am using below. The diameter of the rotor is 310mm or 12.06 inches which is a spec from a GSXR 600.

    Im trying to start out with finding the inside and outside diameter which I would assume for now I have to come up with. For now I would make the inside and outside diameter of the pad fall between the limits of the rotor but slighlty less so the pads are not the same measurements as the rotor.(Look at the model of the rotor below)

    The formulas I included below also include a theta value which Im not sure if I am supposed to come up with that as well or not.

    They have the area as
    A_pad= .5* theta(R^2-r^2)

    Our teacher mentioned something about using the formula for the area of a trapazoid for the pad. The material belows shows a figure witht the pad that is similar to a trapazoid.

    Any ideas on finding the contact area or other input would be greatly appreciated.



    Below is the model of what the rotor will look like. The dimensions are not accurate as of yet.

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    Hey! I was wondering if you could give me the name of the book you are using please!
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    hello can you give us the name of the book please
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