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Homework Help: Dissertation help, wind turbine output

  1. Jan 15, 2013 #1
    This is a question that i am struggling to find any answer to on the internet.

    Doing some research for my 4th year honours dissertation.

    I have a wind turbine capable of producing a certain output at say windspeed of 10mph.

    Meaning that the wind is moving towards the turbine at 10mph.

    What is the situation if the wind turbine is actually travelling (attached to a bicycle) at 10mph and say in this case the windspeed is 0.

    How can i now work out the power output assuming i know all the other variables like the swept area, air density, efficiency etc

    Thanks in advance for any input!

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution
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  3. Jan 15, 2013 #2
    first time doing this, iv clearly done the post wrong somehow, still appreciate any thoughts
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    How does the wind turbine know if it is moving or stationary w/respect to the wind?
  5. Jan 15, 2013 #4
    it dosent, what im wondering is if the device is moving at 10mph does that create 10mph winds in the opposite direction?
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  7. Jan 15, 2013 #6
    awesome, thanks for clarifying
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