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Doped semiconductors

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    If we have two semiconducting materials say silicon and germanium and in this specific case silicon has a very large donor area energy say 25Mev and a very small energy gap, say 1.1Mev and germanium has a smaller energy gap then silicon, 0.6Mev and a donor energy of 2Mev.

    I amtrying to figure out the logic of this.Does having a larger donor area energy mean that it is harder for the electrons to move into the conductive band?

    And how would i figure out which is more likely to intrinsic and extrinsic carriers in the conduction band at room temperature?

    and how would this change with increasing temperature?
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    Er.... MEGA electron volts?!!

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    The band gaps shown in your post are in eV (and not MeV - megaelectron volts).
    The energies of the donor levels are much lower, of the order of tens of millielectronvolts (meV). Maybe a confusion regrading the notations?
    Kittel gives the energy of the impurity levels in meV, for example.
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