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Easy question hopefully

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    I need some help trying to identify something, I personally don't know the term for it, but someone here should

    Basicly i'm looking for a motion sensor device, that all it has to do is have it be set off, and it would trigger a sound effect(computer chip or some sort, help me out sorry) it would be a projectile object that would set it off(about the size of a nickel) so this sensor is really small something you could put in your pocket.

    Thats about as best I can describe what i'm looking for, hopefully someone here will be able to catch on to what i'm trying to look for

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    light beam? mirror set up, break the beam to the mirror sound a buzzer
    fancy motion detectors use lasers but no need to get that hi-teck

    or a micro wave [radar ] like auto door openers use in stores

    garage doors have the light beam set up to prevent a kid geting hit
    or motion sensors from a crime light [maybe the cheapest]
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    yeah its basically the same idea as a garage door opener, except it would be really small, like it would fit in a water bottle, I just don't know what that would be called, or where to get them
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    Google "small motion sensor" and see what comes up.
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    what would yuou be doing with this anyway.
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    its just an idea thats being tossed around. But I need something that can be really cheap, it doesnt have to neccessarily a motion sensor, because the only ones I can find are over $50, the thing I need would fit in a water bottle, and would trigger when water went past it(to make a sound effect)
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    Say what you want to do, half-hints are just confusing. If you want to make a sound when water enters or leaves a bottle, electrodes around the neck might do. If you want to do something else, say what it is. It's hard to help without knowing what the problem is.
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