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Electric field

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    The ratio of electric fields, E1/E2, at the surfaces of ions when H+ is the first ion (q=+1 and R=0.00001 Angstrom) and K+ is the second ion (Q=+1 and R=1.33 Angstrom) is:

    how would u solve this kind of problem?

    well i know that the ratio of E1/E2 is qR^2/Qr^2

    so do i just plug in those numbers and compute?

    if thats the case, is this problem this easy or is their some kinda tricky hidden thing that im overlooking?
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    No trick. Easy problem. Plug 'n' chug.

    In reality, the computation of the electric field is far more complex than just using the formula given...but since that's what you're given at this level, that's what you kmust use.
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