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Equation and Graph Analysis.

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    Ok I'm having trouble analyzing this equation from Physics:

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    woah that was my first time doing Latex with those variables lol. Anyways, how do I identify the direct, inverse, radical, etc. relationships between the two sides of the equal sign? The 2pi is multiplied by [tex]\sqrt\frac{m}{k}[/tex] and I don't know how to describe the relation ships between Ts and m, Ts and k, etc. Do I have to simplify the equation or get rid of the sqrt?
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    A direct relationship is of the form y = kx
    You would say y is directly proportional to x
    An inverse relationship is of the form y = k/x
    You would say y is inversely porportional to x

    y could also be directly or inversely proportional to a power or root of x.

    We call the universal gravition law an inverse square law because the force in inversely proportional to the square of the distance between objects.
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