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Homework Help: Evaluation on a circuit

  1. Mar 25, 2010 #1
    i am doing an evaluation on a circuit in which i measured all the values e.g the current, voltage etc, and i also calculated the values.
    there is a large diffrence in between the measured and calculated values, can any body give me some reasons for this.
    ive got some which are - diffrent resinstance in the wire, personal errors, reading the dial's wrong, the tolerances on the components.
    is there anything else which i could talk about?
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    Re: circuits

    Yes, the internal resistance of the meters can be serious source of errors. Show your set up, please.

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    Re: circuits

    thanks for the help,, also i am new on here an im not too sure how to put my circuits up,, but anyway ive handed my work in!
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