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Homework Help: Finding time of a proton travelling in an electric field?

  1. Mar 12, 2009 #1
    1. There is an electric field with two plates, one positive one negative, having a distance of 4.5x10-3 metres apart producing a charge of 200N/C. How long would it take a free moving proton to travel from the positive plate to the negatively charged plate?

    2. ?

    3. I solved for voltage, coulombs, newtons, joules.. I just can't think of an equation for getting time. There are several for power, I just need either amperes, or ohms. thanks!
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    Force on a proton in an electric field is F = qE = ma.
    Find acceleration of the proton.
    Using kinematic equation find the time it takes to travel a certain distance assuming that proton starts from rest.
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    sweet dude, thanks a lot for your help! I solved the bad boy right away. :approve: I forgot that a proton has a constant mass too. duh. :redface: I got aprox. 5.775x10-10s. :uhh: I think that sounds about right.....
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