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Finite element simulation of a solenoid

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    Hi all.

    I would like to do a finite element simulation of a coil in a time-varying magnetic field, to see how much current is induced in the coil, and also to see how the coil itself affects its surroundings. Now my question is, how do I model a coil with several thousand turns in a practical finite element simulation? I was thinking that maybe I could just draw a cylinder and assign some (possibly anisotropic) material parameters, but then what should these be? I hope someone has an idea!
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    Do you know how to use the program MAXWELL?
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    I am aware that Maxwell has some way of defining solid cylinders as coils, but this functionality does not exist in the software I have access to. Do you know how Maxwell implements this feature?
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    The last time I simulated a solenoid on MAXWELL, my assigned current excitation was the product of the applied current and the number of turns. The solenoid was a hollow cylinder with the excitation applied in the direction of the flowing current.
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