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Homework Help: Fluid dynamics question

  1. Sep 4, 2014 #1
    I have a question where I have to find minor head losses for a system using both the equivalent length method and number of velocity heads method .

    It will not let me attatch the drawing here but , a liquid is to be pumped from an underground vessel (which is vented) to a pressurissed container (200KPa absolute) above ground level. The system has 4 x 90 degree bends.
    For the equivalent length method using the following data , (standard bend =37 eq length as pipe diameters , entry to pipe = 15 eq l as pipe diameters and exit from pipe = 50 eq l as pipe diameters ) I have worked out the answer to be 0.703m

    This is using the modified Darcy equation , assuming typical pipe friction coefficient to be 0.005 and u^2 is 3.24 .

    Can anybody please confirm whether this is correct or incorrect please and any feedback would be grateful

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