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Homework Help: Formation of compounds (Organic Chemistry)

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    Write balanced equations to show the formation of each of the following compounds. Name the reactants in each case, and show clearly the removal of the water molecule.

    a) butyl propanoate

    b) propyl methanoate

    Im not exactly sure how to answer this question... below are pics of the structural formulas.

    a) butyl propanoate - CH3CH2COOCH2CH2CH2CH3

    b) propyl methanoate - HCOOCH2CH2CH3

    I know the reaction will be a deydration (Elimination) seeing as the water molecule is removed. Im lost on where to go from here though; and even if what I have done so far is right.

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    Both of those compounds are esters. They are derived from an alcohol and a carboxyllic acid, and water is, as you noticed, removed.

    The general reaction for forming esters is: R-COOH + R'OH --> R-COOR' + H2O

    a) butanol + propionic acid
    b) propanol + methanoic acid

    You also generally need an acid catalyst like sulfuric acid to drive this reaction to completion.
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