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Graphing Lab

  1. Sep 16, 2008 #1
    I know i have a calculator that is way more advanced that what my class needs and that is my problem.. everyone is using a ti-84 plus or something and im using a ti-89 titanium... but any ways during a physics lab the class did a simple graph using thier ti-84's and as i am trying to convert the data that they did with thier calculators i ran into a few problems with my ti-89 cause obviously they are different...

    all right bear with me... i dont have the manual and the problems i run into are:

    i put info into lists 1, 2, and three... i go to plot and i cant turn it onwhich is one of my main problems... i go to plot set up and mess around in there... but nothing seems to work..

    then the lab needs a lin regression and i would like to know what you need to put in to properly do the graph... Im just pressing enter and getting it...

    by doing theese steps in the ti-84 you get a graph... but i need help converting the same info and making the same graph on my ti-89
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