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Homework Help: Guage Pressure, force, and displacement help

  1. Oct 19, 2009 #1
    If someone could please help with the attached assignment. I am having trouble getting started with this and cannot find a suitable answer online by myself. I am trying to do part A first and then work from there but I feel like I am wrong.

    P=1000 kg/m3 * 10 m/s2 * .1m

    I am not getting what I am supposed to come up with when I multiply these. I think it is
    1000 N/m2.

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    Andrew Mason

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    The gauge pressure is the pressure due to the water. That pressure is a function only of the depth: [itex]P = F/A = \rho gh[/itex]. You have calculated the pressure on the top of the block. What is the pressure on the bottom?

    What is the downward force on the top of the block due to water pressure (use pressure x area to find force)? What is the upward force on the bottom? What is the net force? What direction is the net force? (up or down?).

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