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B Heat transferred into a closed system

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    So i am making a simple demonstration of ideal gas law using a cylinder piston system, heating the system so the piston is pushed up, i wanted to calculate the heat transferred into the system, will it be Cp(Tf-Ti) or Cp(Tf-Ti)+ work done by the system ?
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    Using the first law of thermodynamics, how would you answer this question?
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    well using the first law Q-W=ΔU, Q will equal to to ΔU+ W but i dont know how to calculate ΔU
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    For one mole of an ideal gas, ##\Delta U =C_v(T_f-T_i)##. Now what?
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    why use Cv not Cp the system has constant pressure and variable volume
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    The internal energy of an ideal gas is (a) a function of temperature only or (b) a function of temperature and volume (per unit mass)?

    For constant pressure, what is the amount of work that is done?
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