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Homework Help: Help for next exam

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    So this isn't really HW help, but I was just looking for general help for my next exam as to how to set up problems. The topics for the next exam are Forces and motion, kinetic energy and work, and potential energy and conservation of energy. The exam consist of 7 questions to which we have to answer five, and I am allowed to bring any materials that I would like. They are all seemingly difficult word problems that my teacher thinks up. My biggest problem is just setting up the problem and I don't know where to begin when trying to figure them out. If anyone could offer me a bit of help as to where I should begin, and any kind of helpful steps I can take along the way, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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    One learns how to swim by jumping into the water. He may swallow some water but eventually one learns how to swim.

    One can help you better if you try some problem and ask for help when you cannot proceed further.

    Get going!
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