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Homework Help: Hiden. . . Chlorine

  1. Oct 9, 2006 #1
    Hey its me again and im just hoping for a few comments on my work on an investigation were doing in chemistry class about common drinks and additive in them. Ive decided to do Water and Chlorine in the water to investigate how much chlorine is in water bottled and tap. My thoughts are that if i get a substance that will be more attractive to chlorine than the other chemicals in water bonding with the chlorine and if i make a formula on the reaction i can figure out how much chlorine there is by how much of the substance reacts with the chlorine. My original thought was silver nitrate, as i read it in my chemistry text book but on the internet it says that the silver nitrate will react with only with a Compound including chlorine to form a percipitate, i think it was calcium chloride ill go back and find it. But anyway im not sure if it'll work because the silver nitrate might mix with some other chemicals in the water. Anyway these are my thoughts so far. Thanks for taking the time reading and any comments will be usefull. Regards Papak
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    Never mind, its not possible to do in school laborotries that we have, ive changed the experiment to do something more able in our school labs, thanks anyway. Papak
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