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How does a black hole singularity compact all the matter?

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    Information that is ordered can be compacted down to a single repeating unit i,e; 110055110055110055110055 down to just 110055 and this meant that it must have been highly ordered to be compacted down this far.

    So could it be that matter is also highly ordered somehow and it can be compacted down like that to its disordered and random repeating unit like 110055, and would it mean that this assumption is valid. So that might mean a black hole is pure entropy?

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    No current scientific theory that I'm aware of predicts anything like this.

    What would "pure entropy" mean? Entropy always comes attached to something.
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    I've heard all the information can be projected to a surface, but I just go with the concept that 0 degrees of freedom of compacted matter represents the ultimate entropy that can't deviate.
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