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Homework Help: Integration (double integral)

  1. Jan 20, 2009 #1
    simple question, for "find the area of the region between the xy-plane between the curves y=x3
    and x=y2 where 0<x<1 , 0<y<1

    is this the double integral for x3*y2 dy dx or for the double ingeral between x3+y2 dy dx?? i assume the first one? clarification needed please, can do the rest of the question :-)
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    Have you drawn a graph of the region? What you have above suggests to me that you haven't.

    Are you sure this is the exact wording of the problem? Both of the curves you gave lie in the x-y plane. Might this be the problem?
    find the area of the region **in** the xy-plane between the curves y=x3
    and x=y2 where 0<x<1 , 0<y<1​

    If so, you don't need double integrals to find this area.

    On the other hand, if this is a problem where you're supposed to evaluate a double integral, the hard part is figuring out the limits of integration.
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