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Ionic Strength help

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    Ionic Strength....help

    I am taking Biochemistry. However, the prof talked about Inoic Strength in class.

    This is the example,

    u = 1/2 (Molarity) (ionic charge )^2

    Example... .10M CaCl2

    u = 1/2 (.10)(+2)^2 + (.20)(-1) ^2

    u = 1/2 ( .40 + .20 ) = .30

    I opened my Chemistry Textbook..i looked it up Ionic section but I dididn't see it..maybe it has a different name...

    My question is....where can I find more info and practice problems about Ionic Strength in Chemistry Textbook. I don't see any equatios like that at all.
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    I'm sure you will find Ionic Strength discussed in any standard Electrochemistry text (and possibly in a Physical Chemistry text). This is an useful concept for understanding screening of charge in an electrolyte.
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