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Is 'The Secret Law of Attraction' considered quantum physics? Do you support it?

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    I have seen the movie 'The Secret Law of Attraction'. It seems to remind my of quantum physics a bit. However, I read about the concept behind the creation of the movie and have come across a lot of controversy. Some people are saying the law of attraction usually does not take the function of brain waves into account, and when it does it misinterprets how it works.

    To those who are unfamiliar with the 'Law of Attraction", it basically states that what ever one feels, thinks, and visualizes, eventually happens, whether you think about what you DONT want or if you think about what you DO want, you are going to get more of what ever you think of whether positive or negative. It also states that anything that happens in your life is a result of your thought process, anything that is a part of your life you have attracted.

    I am interested how quantum physics relates to the law of attraction? People such as Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, and many other memorable names in our history are believed to support this idea.

    If you think it does not relate to quantum physics, would you think that quantum physics has some similarities to cosmic ordering?
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    It is complete bull. Nothing more to say.
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    Why? can you please support your answer so I get a better understanding on why it is 'bull' when applied to quantum physics?
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    It's not just bull when it's "applied to quantum physics". It's always bull. If you want a more specific answer, you will have to ask a more specific question. For example, you can ask about a specific situation in which this "law of attraction" is supposed to be valid (according to the believers).
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    This belongs in debunking, not QM. :grumpy:

    As for "support your answer": Here is some science for you, and law for you... it's called the "Burden of Proof". It's not incumbent upon Nicksauce, or Fredrik, or me to justify an answer... the better question is: Why do people believe this? Justify the "theory"... prove it... that's science. If I choose to call a rock, mustard... it's not your responsibility to explain to me how ridiculous that is, but rather, it's my responsibility to show how that rock... is mustard.

    "The Secret", is pure New-Age crystal-gripping nonsense used by fools to make money from even greater fools, via P.T. Barnums "conjecture".

    I'd say more, but I'm not feeling like getting banned today.
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    lol sorrrrrrrrrrry, i didnt mean to offend anyone, or make anyone angry, i was just curious...thats all...

    b/c the movie "what the bleep do we know" has this quantum physicist in it that is also in "law of attraction" that all... I was just interested in how people that actually study quantum physics feel about it.

    Thanks for the input.
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    There is no law of attraction... it's pure and utter horse****. People who "actually study quantum physics" are deeply tired of saying that. Truly, that concept is an old one, and has NOTHING To do with science, be it QM, or newtonian mechanics. It's just an old line of crap. What do you want to hear about it, beyond that fact that it's a pure fantasy sold to gulls?

    EDIT: Keep in mind that being a scientist doesn't make you immune to the lure of money, or the more ephemeral lure of pure fantasy. A degree doesn't make you any less human. This is why "peer review" and "The Scientific Method" are first principles in any rigorous field.
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