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Homework Help: Latent Heat: Zinc

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    The Latent Heat of sublimation for zinc(atomic mass = 65.4 u) at 600k is 1,990,000 j/kg. Assume that the zinc vapor can be treated as a monatomic ideal gas and that the volume of one kilogram of solid is negligible compared to that of the vapor. What percentage of the latent heat serves to change the internal energy during sublimation.
    I'm not sure what to do here. The reason why i didnt put scientific notation is because i dont like using carrots. Thanks for your help.
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    The latent heat of sublimation is the enthalpy change. The internal energy change is related to the enthalpy change and to the work done (at constant pressure?). You are given the enthalpy change, so you need to compute the work done by the increase in volume at the ambient pressure (which you did not specify!). (Actually, you may not need to COMPUTE the work to answer the (trick?) question.)
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