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Measuring the resistance of a button

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    I need to measure the resistance of a button on a car steering wheel, so my question is: how do I measure the resistance of a steering wheel button using a digital multimeter? I don't currently have the steering wheel installed yet, so can I measure the resistance of the buttons without the steering wheel being installed and hooked into the ignition/electronic? I'm an electrical newbie, so any detailed instructions on how to measure the resistance of a button is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a million!
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    hi there
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    steering wheel button ??

    please post a pic :)

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    Hi caunyd,

    Most multimeters have an option to measure resistance. Is it a simple button you can press down? I suggest you to disconnect the switch from wiring, and measure between the leads. Typically, the resistance will be infinite when the button isn't pressed down, and approximately 0 ohms when the button is pressed down.


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