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Mosfet gate voltage.

  1. Nov 23, 2012 #1
    A simple and quick question please clear this up.
    Let's say I have a 350v rated power n channel mosfet , how much of positive voltage do i have to apply to the gate to fully open the mosfet?

    I know this varies from type of transistor and so but the average?
    i am just getting mixed up some things like the voltage drop let's say i need to apply 20 volts does that mean that on the Drain there will be my let's say 300v dc and then on the gate i should apply like 290 or something or i just should apply 20volts.
    I guess I am saying is the gate voltage measured from the drain reference or from zero volts reference?

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    The gate voltage is measured versus the source.

    How much depends on each transistor and is given by the datasheet; 15V gate-to-source is a common value, and destruction at 30V an other common value.
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