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Move Science Education Zone

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    Here's a question for Integral and Doc Al : do you ever get tired of having to move all the homework-type questions out of the Physics section and into the Homework section?

    It seems that every morning, I have to wade through tons of homework questions in the physics sections before I find something interesting to read. It's annoying, but then again, I have a rather low threshold for these things. It would be fine if they're meant to go there, but we obviously have a Homework zone section meant exactly for these things. So the question is, are these people oblivious to the existence of the Homework help section (some people even post repeatedly to the wrong section even when they have seen their homework questions moved)?

    My suggestion is to move the Science Education Zone section to the very TOP of the PF list, even ahead of the Physics section. That way, only a total imbecile will miss it and still post in the Physics section - which means that person has bigger problems to deal with than just not being able to do a physics homework! :)

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    Doc Al

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    Tell me about it! :cry: :yuck:

    The mentors & admins have discussed this before and I'm pretty sure all thought it would make sense. Somehow it fell off the plate of things to do. Thanks for the reminder, Zz!
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    Tom Mattson

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    It came up a few times, but nothing ever became of it. I supported it every time it came up, especially when I was the Homework Help Mentor. I kept having to notify each new member that they should be putting their threads at the bottom of the page, where they never looked because they found an appropriate Physics or Math Forum for their question before they ever got there.
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    i think the move of the forums is a good one, hopefully you mentors shouldn't have too much work to do now.
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