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Need an explanation for some observations observed

  1. Sep 9, 2009 #1
    First off - Sorry I didn't use the template. I didn't see how I could fit my observations with the template. :(

    I have 3 tubes of different lengths. They are both marked X and O on the ends. When I press on the X end or the O end and let it "spin", only the character pressed on is displayed. When viewed on top of a transparent glass, the character that we didn't press on appeared.

    When the "spin" was viewed under a strobe light, I could see both the X and the O.

    I tried the "spin" many times, and it seemed to me as if the it is both rolling & rotating using the end as its axis.

    Can any explanation for this?

    Please tell me if you need me to elaborate.

    Thank you :smile:
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