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Need help How to make Hydrogen peroxide ''H2O2'' ?

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    Need help!! How to make Hydrogen peroxide ''H2O2'' ?

    i wanna make a neon light with H2O2 but the problem is i cant find it anywhere even in my school and i was thinking how its H2O2 < ---- > H2O + O2 and that mean i can mix it but i dont know how.
    can anybody show me how to do it step by step.
    and if you have an other idea, you can just say it
    thanks advance :)
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    Re: Need help!! How to make Hydrogen peroxide ''H2O2'' ?

    Hydrogen peroxide is difficult to make from water and oxygen by someone of your skill level.
    Neon light won't work with H2O2 so you are probably wasting your time anyway. Is someone playing a prank on you?
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    Re: Need help!! How to make Hydrogen peroxide ''H2O2'' ?

    you said "Hydrogen peroxide is difficult to make from water and oxygen by someone of your skill level"
    so i belive you know how, i can take that to a friend and i'm sure he knows about it

    and it's not just for the neon light
    i want it to make H2O2 as fuel and some stuff
    and thx for ur replay
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    Re: Need help!! How to make Hydrogen peroxide ''H2O2'' ?

    As a propellant, there won't really be a safe way to get high enough concentrations. It would be possible to distill it from a dilute solution, but due to it's instability, you would need to do so at high pressure. I would rather doubt you would have the resources to carry out such a distillation and attempting it at normal pressures runs a rather large risk of it exploding on you.
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    Re: Need help!! How to make Hydrogen peroxide ''H2O2'' ?

    Short answer: neither you, nor your friend, can make Hydrogen Peroxide.

    More complete explanation: Look - you can buy 3%, cheap (I bought a liter yesterday at Safeway for $1.79, to oxidize some copper). And you mentioned "fuel and some stuff". So I assume you mean you want concentrated H2O2, and probably a decent amount.

    1) It's HIGHLY regulated, certainly in the US and the EU, and probably most other non-3rd-world countries. I'm guessing that making, or possessing, 70% H2O2 and above, is almost certainly a serious felony in the US.

    2) Making concentrated H2O2 is INSANELY difficult, requiring SERIOUS chemical knowledge and sophisticated equipment. No - you're NOT "just mixing together" water and oxygen - it *should* be that simple, but it ain't.

    3) The stuff itself is WACKY dangerous. Trust me - I own an energy company. I make synthetic gasoline in a steel-box lab filled with explosive gases and liquids at high pressure and temperature, in steel tubes rated for nuclear plants. And I work IN THAT BOX, 3 feet from those tubes.

    And I wouldn't even TRY to distill, or make, fuel-grade H2O2. Why not? Because it would explode and kill me. Not 'might' - would.

    If you want propellants, like for rockets -- Google for "Tripoli Rocketry", look at some of the options for solid-phase propellants. Liquid phase scares hell out of even the pros. And - dude - learn before you burn. ;-)
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