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Homework Help: Particle dynamics on a cosine path.

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    Hello, I have attached the problem that I am refering to.

    Basically I have a particle traveling on a path defined by a cosine function and I want the equations of motion with respect to the inertial system, if the particle is under the influence of friction and gravity.

    I have calculated the equation of motion with respect to the moving coordinate system s but I am not sure how to relate that to x1 and x2 (the inertial system) which is what I ultimately need.

    Your help is very much appreciated.

    Thank you,


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    The bob of a pendulum started from height "h" will exhibit motion defined by a cosine function. Because of friction in the piviot the pendulum will not oscillate indefinitely rather it will exhibit damped harmonic motion. I believe this is a classic Differential equation problem.
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