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Planes calculation help

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    Consider the line which passes through the point P(-3, -4, 3), and which is parallel to the line x=1+6t, y=2+4t,z=3+1t

    Find the point of intersection of this new line with each of the coordinate planes:


    to find xy-plane, im thinking that i need to set z=0, but i'm not extactly sure how i would solve for the other two points(x & y). can someone help me?
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    When the line intersects with the xy plane, it will have z=0. Here you can solve for t.
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    and when i plug that 1/2 back in for the x and y equation, i get the wrong answer. i'm not understanding what you are trying to tell me.
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    Find the equation of the line parallel to the one given that goes through that point first. Then notice that When it intersects the xy plane, the z component of the line will be 0.
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