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Planes calculation help

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Consider the line which passes through the point P(-3, -4, 3), and which is parallel to the line x=1+6t, y=2+4t,z=3+1t

Find the point of intersection of this new line with each of the coordinate planes:


to find xy-plane, im thinking that i need to set z=0, but i'm not extactly sure how i would solve for the other two points(x & y). can someone help me?
When the line intersects with the xy plane, it will have z=0. Here you can solve for t.

and when i plug that 1/2 back in for the x and y equation, i get the wrong answer. i'm not understanding what you are trying to tell me.
Find the equation of the line parallel to the one given that goes through that point first. Then notice that When it intersects the xy plane, the z component of the line will be 0.

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