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Pressure Chamber Help

  1. Mar 16, 2005 #1
    I've encountered a problem designing an experiment. How is it that the temperature of a closed pressurized container/ pressure chamber can be measured using a thermocouple. Also, in the experiment, the temperature of the air in the chamber has to be varied. How can that be carried out? Where should i place the electric heater

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    If the chamber is metallic or some other good conductor, you can make the assertion that, with time, the fluid and the walls of the container will be in equillibrium and thus you can simply measure the wall temperature of the container. I would use 4 TC's spaced at different locations and average the results to give you the gas temperature. I can think of other ideas but they would involve some machining, etc... so I'll hold off on those.

    As for the heat source, you really need to be more specific with what you are doing. Can you tolerate an uneven distribution of heat inside the container? Does it have to be able to heat/cool quickly? You could simply wrap the container in a heating pad and wait for the container to come up to temperature. It's tough to say without any specifics.
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