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Homework Help: Pressure on gas?

  1. Jul 21, 2015 #1
    1. I need to describe the pressure of a gas in terms of the motion of its molecules, and the effect of a change of temperature on the pressure of a gas at constant volume.

    2. I have looked these up in the internet, but every page says something different. I dont really understand what the second one is asking me, since it clearly states at constant volume and im in doubt as to what it would be if the gas was not at a constant volume.

    3. For the first one, im thinking something simple like faster partiles collide stronger so pressure increases expanding the gas. I wish to get a bit more information, since I think my answer is too simple. Also, im clueless for the second one.
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    Both sentences are the same scenario ... the gas is constant Volume, but its Temperature increases - explain what the molecule motion has to do with Pressure.
    Sounds like a "C" already - correct physics often sounds "too simple" .
    ... you could justify why you think that increased pressure will cause the gas to expand (it doesn't, in a pressure cooker), {⇒"B"}
    or specify what you mean by "collide stronger" {⇒A-}, or by explaining how you know the molecules are moving faster {⇒A+brownie points}.
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