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Reaction kinetics for ammonia

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    I need to design an ammonia production process but I can't find the kinetic info from the articles online. The catalyst will be iron. Can somebody explain how to find kinetics data and conversion rate? I found some articles but there was no conversion info on them.
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    And how can I find a detailed process information of KAAP Kellogg modern process with Ruthenium catalyst? It's quite similar to the Kellogg process with the iron catalysts one. However I need to know what changes with the modern one.
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    It is complicated because the kinetics will depend on the quantity, quality and state of the catalyst. There won't be a rate constant for "catalysed ammonia synthesis", it will be specific to your system. Moreover, the reaction is an equilibrium, so the best way to increase yield may be via the pressure and temperature, not the catalyst. This might be helpful: http://pubman.mpdl.mpg.de/pubman/item/escidoc:736938/component/escidoc:932945/Ammonia+Synthesis.pdf. I don't think it gives you the numbers you want, but I don't think those numbers exist as such; see e.g. the turnover rates in Table 1, dependent on particle size.
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    I see but our professors want us to find an article that explains the reaction kinetics and conversion. We can't start doing mass balance because of the lack of information about the conversion (we do not need the kinetics right now). But thanks for the the source. It seems like a useful article.
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