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Recommendation on a Circuit Simulator Software

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    All I need is a basic circuit simulator.
    I've got the Quite Universal Circuit simulator.
    It works fine as a schematic designer but not as a simulator.
    I want something similar to Crocodile Technology.
    I have used Crocodile Technology on Yenka but I don't like how you can only use it in afternoons because of the license.

    Any input is helpful.
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    I've used PSPICE for classes and labs and thought it worked well. The Lite version is free from OrCAD's website. I've also heard LTspice is good. That's also free I believe.
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    LTSPICE IV. It is free, it is fast, the libraries are small. But you can easily add your own SPICE models or spice models from other vendors. There's also an active community for LTSPICE.

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    It's little hard to follow with the simulation. Is there not something like Yenka where for example the LED lights up in the simulation. I'm only looking for something really basic.
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