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Record TV programs onto HDD

  1. Jul 30, 2004 #1
    Dear All,
    What hardwares and softwares do I need to install into my computer so that I can record TV programs onto my hard disk?
    And, I want to be able to record more than 1 channel's program.

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    I recommend ATI's card. I have one and it works great.
    Yes, you do need more than one card because you can only tune into 1 channel at a time due to the nature of the hardware. However, you will need software which can support more than one card at a time.
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    Anyone used XP media centre for this?
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    Anttech if you going to get that, your better off with a tivo
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    No intention of getting it, was just wondering if anyone had actually used XP media centre :biggrin:
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    I used my All-In-Wonder to record a show for a friend, then burned it to a vcd. The process could be better integrated (ie, no user input required), but it wasn't too bad. Quality was good.
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