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Refraction: Ray Diagrams

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    Hey guys I'm new here and I'm lookin' for some help as I'm sure a lot of you come here for that reason as well. I did an experiment where I fill a 150 mL half full, place a pencil in the middle and move it sideways until it reaches the side of the beaker. Then I am to draw a ray diagram of what I saw. I know the pen refracts but I have no idea how to put that into a ray diagram. Could someone provide an example for me so I can get a better understanding? Sorry if this is in the wrong section, and thanks!
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    Try visualizing what you are trying to describe to us (put yourself in our perspective), then reply with a less ambiguous description of the process you are attempting to explain. In the bargain you may answer your own question.
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    Thanks for that little thing you did there. I actually did it myself! But thanks for taking the time to read this and reply! = D
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