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Homework Help: Relativity effect

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    a electron with speed at 0.1c, what is it energy in the unit of ev.

    and when should we consider the relativity effects for the electron?

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    We do not spoon feed homework. Show your work.

    That template you deleted when you posted is designed to elicit some effort from you towards solving the problem.

    You've been here long enough to know that...
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    that is my effort, cherk the nb of mathematica

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    Merely by responding, I am actually putting more effort into this thread than you are.

    And, since not all of us run Mathematica, I can't help you with that either.

    Thread reported for non-adherence to guidelines.
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    it is only need 2-3 kev for electron to reach 0.1c!
    is it right?
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    Yes, is right. Now show your work next time in a way anyone can read. It's probably not bad practice to try and do it both relativistically and nonrelativistically to see the difference.
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