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Homework Help: Rocket Lab

  1. Oct 27, 2008 #1
    Did the rocket lab in my physics class

    Shoot a air compressed rocket off of a base that can be angled (though we did not get to angle the rocket) shot it upward and what not.

    It had 3 different caps (lo, med, hi) and we did each one three times and recorded the data.

    The problem is I was absent for the day the lab was actually done, but since I was there when it was explained I am still responsible.

    If anyone has done this could I get some help on the materials list and procedure?

    The materials I am aware of were:
    Rocket and base
    Air pump
    Caps ( low medium high )
    Meter stick

    I know the person with the altimeter stood farther down while we shot the rocket and he measure the angle or something, we used the meter stick to measure him far away
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    Well from your brief description sounds like u just have a triangle with the angle [tex]\theta[/tex] that you measured, the length x of the adjacent side that u measured, and the height h of the rocket (opposite side) which is unknown.
    thus h = x.tan[tex]\theta[/tex]
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