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Homework Help: Simple circuits question

  1. Nov 4, 2016 #1
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    I have tried my best but can not figure out how this circuit works. Is the 2 1Ks in parallel? Why does the 1k with the voltage source have higher current?
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    That's a neatly drawn schematic. Did you draw it or is that how it was given to you?

    All circuits work on the basis that battery current leaves the + terminal and makes its way back to the battery's – end via external elements.

    In your circuit, the current has to pass through the first 1kΩ resistor, but then it can split when it finds there are two separate and independent paths it can take to get back to the battery's – terminal.

    strictly speaking, we could say there are 3 separate paths because the voltmeter itself presents an additional high-resistance path
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    It's an android app called 'EveryCircuit'. It is very useful for simulating a wide variety of electrical and electronic circuits.
    Yes. Have you studied the Kirchhoff's laws for electric circuits?
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    Perhaps redraw the circuit with the voltage source moved to the left hand side and with higher voltage nodes at the top and lower voltages at the bottom of the drawing. It should help your understanding of the circuit.
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